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Community Service

Community Corrections receives and processes referrals for community service to be completed and tracks the progress reporting back to the referral source (completion or failure to complete).

There are multiple ways that community service ordered by the Court can be completed.  If you are on supervised probation, the primary way to complete community service is through work crew.  If there are barriers to participating in work crew, there are other options including those listed below.

Community service is approved at the following locations:

  • Rimrock Recycling
  • Local churches
  • Senior Center
  • Burns Paiute Tribe
  • Other non-profits (including the Humane Society if you live out of the area)

Please follow the links below to access the community service agreement and time sheet:


Harney County Work Crew Program is primarily out-of-custody community service workers performing community service work under the supervision and direction of Harney County Community Corrections.  There are times that the crew consists of in-custody inmate workers.

Work crew is the primary resource for offenders to fulfill court ordered community service obligations. Offenders can also be sanctioned to work crew.

The firewood program is one of work crew’s most vital programs offered.  We accept firewood for community service credit and Harney County has previously purchased firewood through a grant, which in turn gets delivered by the work crew to community members in need, including the elderly, disabled, and low-income.  Work crew has helped with other various projects including projects at the Harney County Fairgrounds, Harney County Little League, cemetery clean-up, helping to reestablishing a historic cemetery, recycling, clean-up of ditches to allow water through, and relief efforts during flooding events among other various projects.

If you would like to request firewood through our firewood program or would like to request it for someone else, please call 541-573-2933.  To qualify, preference is given to elderly and disabled residents, then to low-income residents if supply allows.  Be prepared to provide a contact number and address.  Firewood deliveries are limited to 1 per winter unless there is a dire need and we have the supply.  This helps ensure that we can serve numerous households in Harney County.

Work crew is scheduled weekly for Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday.  The crew meets at our office and departs at 8:00 AM.  You will receive 8 hours of credit for each day you participate in work crew.  Note: If you are removed from work crew due to behavior or lack of participation, you will receive NO CREDIT.

To participate in work crew:

  • Sign up ahead of time.
  • Be ready to work and arrive to our office prior to 8:00 AM.
  • You are responsible for wearing appropriate clothing and plan for all types of weather.
  • You must wear pants and close-toed shoes. No shorts, sandals, or tank tops.

If you need to cancel, please call or come in 24 hours ahead of your scheduled day.

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