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Harney County, Oregon

Harney County Weed Board

Harney County Weed Board

Harney County Weed Board

The members of the board are appointed by the County Court and make recommendations concerning noxious weed issues to County Court.  The board meets 4 times a year on the first Tuesday of each quarter at 1 pm in the basement of the Harney County Court House. Follow this link to view the list of Harney County Weed Board Members.  The following link provides a map of the Weed Board Member Zones.

Harney County Weed Board Members 2019
Name Area of Representation Phone #
Grant Nikkols Diamond Represenative 541-589-0890
Shane Otley Crane and Princeton Represenative 541-589-5805
Jim (Red) Campbell Burns area Represenative 541-573-7607
Dan Brown Riley- Double O Represenative 541-408-7534
Carol Dunten Drewsey & SWCD Represenative 541-493-2752
Jeff Dorroh At-Large Represenative 541-589-1895
Jesse Barnes At-Large Represenative 541-589-2696

If you have any questions or comments on a weed issue please contact your area represenative. If you are interested in becoming a Weed Board member please contact the Harney County Weed Control Office at 573-8385.

Harney County Weed Board Meeting Minutes

Visit the Harney County Weed Program’s Home Page

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