East Side of the Steens

Harney County, Oregon

Harney County Wolf Advisory Committee

Harney County Wolf Advisory Committee

The Wolf Advisory Committee meets to discuss ways to assist livestock producers with non-lethal deterrent methods related to wolf depredation, and can meet to make recommendations to the Harney County Court regarding any monetary, compensation, public safety and other wolf-related issues.  The Wolf Advisory Committee may form a Compensation Committee in line with ODA regulations.

Full member terms are four year appointments by the Harney County Court; however, turnover does occur and the term expiration dates shown below take previous term durations into account. The committee meets as needed. Meetings are open to the public.

Currently there is a Wolf Conservation position open on the committee. This position will remain open until filled.

Current Advisory Committee Members
Name Representing Term Expiration
Russ Clark Livestock Producer December 31, 2024
Ken Bentz (Chair) Livestock Producer December 31, 2025
Rob Frank Local Business December 31, 2025
Dr. Masie Custis, DVM Local Business December 31, 2024
Vacant Wolf Conservation December 31, 2024
Michael Doman Wolf Conservation December 31, 2025
Kristen Shelman County Court December 31, 2026


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