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Harney County Most Wanted

Adults placed on parole and probation supervision by the Court are legally required to keep their whereabouts known to authorities at all times.  Those who fail to keep themselves available for supervision are known as “absconders.”  They can be subject to arrest and incarceration.

Listed below are the parole and probation absconders wanted by Harney County and for whom arrest warrants have been ordered.  Listing on this website does not constitute the verification of a valid warrant.  All warrants must be confirmed through standard law enforcement procedures by verifying it through dispatch and/or the Oregon Board of Parole and Post-Prison Supervision.

Warrants issued may be for Oregon only, Oregon and surrounding states, or nationwide.

If you have information about the whereabouts of any of these absconders, please contact Harney County Community Corrections, Sheriff’s Office, or any other law enforcement agency.

Want to turn yourself in?
Check in at Harney County Community Corrections at 113 W. Washington St., Burns, OR or go to the Harney County Jail at 485 N. Court, Burns, OR.

To Turn Someone Else In:
Call Harney County Community Corrections at 541-573-2933 or Harney County Dispatch at 541-573-6028.

2023 April Most Wanted list

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