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RFP #[2023-06] Janitorial Services



Janitorial Services for Harney County Facilities RFP # [2023-06]


The Harney County Court is soliciting proposals for janitorial services for various Harney County facilities located in Burns, Oregon, as more specifically identified below. The Contractor shall provide all staff, labor, tools, materials and equipment required to provide janitorial services for the following facilities:


  • Harney County Health Department/ RHC, 420 N. Fairview Avenue, Burns, OR 97720
  • Harney County Home Health and Hospice, 415 N. Fairview Avenue, Burns, OR 97720
  • Harney County Library, 80 West D Street, Burns, OR 97720
  • Harney County Courthouse, 450 N. Buena Vista Avenue, Burns, OR 97720
  • Harney County Planning Department, 360 N. Alvord Avenue, Burns, OR 97720
  • Harney County Corrections Department, 113 W Washington St., Burns, OR 97720
  • Harney County Road Department, 266 S. Date Avenue, Burns, OR 97720


The Request for Proposal may be obtained or examined at the offices of the Harney County Court at the address listed below or viewed at https://harneycountyor.gov/job-openings-bid-opportunities/.


IMPORTANT:  Prospective proposers accessing/downloading website-posted specifications and other bid documents MUST complete and submit the Contact Information Form provided on the website, to receive follow-up documents (addenda, clarifications, etc.). Failure to provide contact information will result in proposer disqualification.


Proposals must be received by 5:00 p.m. on Friday, June 23, 2023 and may be submitted in person, by mail or by email.


This is not a contract offer and with this solicitation, the Proposer assumes any liability for the costs incurred in the preparation and transmittal of proposals in response to the solicitation.


Questions regarding this solicitation can be directed to:


Tammy Renfro, Executive Assistant

Harney County Court

450 N. Buena Vista

Burns, OR  97720

Phone:  (541) 573-6536

Email:    tammy.renfro@harneycountyor.gov

View full RFP bid opportunity here.

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