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Building Program

Why do I need a building permit?

The term “Building Permit” includes all permits that are involved in the building process (i.e. electrical, manufactured home placement, mechanical, plumbing and structural).  Consumers and Contractors should understand the value that building permits play in developing a property.

Why would I want Building Permits?

Building Permits provide protection for the consumer when building or renovation occurs on the property.  What sort of protection you ask?  There are many ways:

  • Solve problems before they happen.
    • The construction will be done by someone, either the property owner or a licensed contractor.  In any case, there are times when the project may run into difficulties.  Inspection of construction should catch these problems before it occurs.  Plan Review will happen to ensure that the building plans meet Building Code standards.  Inspections are meant to review the work before and after it is performed.  Thus, the building permit will be a way to have the project run smoother and with less problems during and after the construction process.  Having to redo features of the project because of error can cost a lot of  time and money.  DOING IT RIGHT IN THE FIRST PLACE WILL SAVE YOU MONEY IN THE LONG RUN!
  • A non-biased building expert can review the work of a contractor.
    • As a consumer, many have never built a home or renovated a property before and will not know of the ins an outs of construction.  And really, that is why one would hire a contractor to do the work.  And because there may be a lack of experience and knowledge by the property owner, he or she would be well served to have a non-biased review of the contractor’s work.  The Inspectors will serve as a non-biased reviewer of the work performed.  Actually, they are working for the property owner.  The building permit fee that is paid brings them on the job as the inspector to ensure the work is done to Building Code standards.  Of course, the Inspector will not be on the job daily or act as a General Contractor would , but they can review the various stages of the project when called to inspect.  THE CONSUMER NEEDS AN EXPERT TO REVIEW THE PROJECT.
  • The Inspectors can serve as a sounding board with vital knowledge of Building Code standards.
    • If the work is being completed by the property owner him or herself, the Inspectors can be a great source of assistance when working through the construction process.  The property owner can ask questions and meet with the Inspectors either on the phone or when they are here in the office.  They can provide some of the options that are allowed in the Building Code standards as they relate to your project.
  • Liability is spread out.
    • If there are times when the project receives building permits and still has difficulties then the Inspectors can be called in to review their inspection/field notes and observations.  They will either support the consumer in that the contractor failed to build the structure per the building plans that were approved or that the construction was completed correctly  and that the problems that  were experienced could not be prevented.  Either way, an expert can testify as to what they determine as the errors that may have occurred.  The Inspectors have many years of construction experience that will aid in reviewing the building process.


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