Chukars in the High Desert

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Harney County Parks

County Parks

Harney County has two parks that have limited development but are available for public use.  These two parks are Theimer Park and Craddock Park.  Of the two, Theimer Park is the most accessible and the most scenic.  Currently, Theimer Park is primarily used as the Cain Parklocation of the Boy Scout cabin. Theimer Park is located north of Burns approximately 12 miles (MP 57) with the access road being right off of US Highway 395.  Theimer has a canyon area that has steep slopes with Ponderosa Pine and a small creek running through it.  There is approximately 400 acres of both Pine trees, juniper and sagebrush.   Other groups or individuals/families can also use the cabin and surrounds.

The history of Theimer Park is an interesting one.  The deed conveying the ownership from William F. Theimer to the County was dated March 7, 1936.  The sum of the payment was $1.  Mr. Theimer’s original cabin is still standing on the property which is above the canyon.  During the mid 1980s The Boy Scouts built a new cabin in the bottom of the Canyon for use by the Scouts and others.    There have been many projects around the “Scout Cabin” which have improved the area and made this property very enjoyable to visit.

Theimer ParkImprovements to the Cabin and surroundings have been completed over the years. A number of camping spots were developed as well as an Amphitheater for programs.  The Cabin has had some updates with a new wood stove and decking. Many of the projects were completed as part of Eagle Scout Projects or other Scouting oriented projects.   Continued improvements to the road and other features will bring about even better conditions for the public and the Scouts to use this valuable County resource.

A complete forest management plan was established prior to the tree selection process in order to ensure that the removal of the selected trees would result in a more healthy and vibrant tree stand for this area.

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