Blitzen River on Malheur Refuge

Photo Courtesy of Brain O’Keefe

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How To Contact Us:

Eric Drushella, Road Master
266 S Date
Burns, OR 97720
Phone: 541-413-3603
FAX: 541-573-2092

Debbie Cronin, Office Manager
Phone: 541-413-3603

Joe Nasewytewa
Phone: 541-413-7055

Harney County Road Department

County Roads

The Harney County Road Department has an active program of maintaining and improving the road network in the County.  The following is a table with approximate miles of road for different jurisdictions within the County. 

Harney County Roads
By Jurisdiction (miles)
County Roads 945.00
Public Roads 90.57
County Roads, Municipal Ext. 3.19
BLM 249.00
U.S. Forest Service 1,010.00
National Wildlife Refuge 58.00
U.S. Military 1.04
State Parks 0
State Highways 293.38
City Streets 36.31
Total 2,686.49


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