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How To Contact Us:

Jim Campbell,  Weed Control Supervisor
450 N Buena Vista Ave. #10
Burns, OR 97720
Phone: (541) 573-8385
Fax: (541) 573-2781
Email: jim.campbell@harneycountyor.gov

Harney County Weed Program

Weed Program

Welcome to the Harney County Weed Board and Weed Partnership Web site!

The Harney County Weed Control office is located in the basement of the Harney County Court House.   Harney County has been a weed control district as per Oregon Statute since 1969.  Harney County has an active Weed Board that is made up of private landowners.  The members of the board are appointed by the County Court and make recommendations concerning noxious weed issues to County Court.  The board meets 4 times a year on the first Tuesday of each quarter at 1 pm in the basement of the Harney County Court House. Follow this link to view the list of Harney County Weed Board Members.  The following link provides a map of the Weed Board Member Zones.

In 1989 the County Weed Ordinance was established and 2008.  The Weed Control Ordinance is relatively new and now is an active and enforceable ordinance.

The County Weed Control program offers education/awareness, cost share assistance, and implements integrated vegetation management on over 600 miles of paved roads and approximately 900 + miles of gravel roads, Material Site Inspections & Certification, and No Spray Permits.   Education and awareness events include agency trainings, in the class room presentations, nights at the library, recertification trainings, and displays across the county at various events.  We also have a traveling Weed Wagon that is always ready for a road trip.

No Spray Permits are available free of charge.  The permits are utilized most by organic operations.  The purpose of the permit is to ask the County Weed Control program not to treat county right of ways with herbicides.  If approved the County Weed Control department agrees not to spray herbicides as long as the permittee maintains the right of way in accordance with the program guidelines.   Applications are available in the Weed Control Departments Office.

Material site inspections & Certifications are offered at any time.  Site inspections follow NAWMA specifications and is a ‘buyer beware’ program.  The Harney County Weed Board initiated this program to meet the needs of new requirements when purchasing materials, specifically new federal and state weed free requirements.  This program is managed by the Harney County Weed Control Department.

If you have a weed problem, big or small, we are here to help so give us a call.

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