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Conduct daily operation of the facility ensuring the safety and security of the inmates, staff, and the public. Provide supervision of all inmates; enforces rules and maintain order of the correctional facility and/or courthouse. Complete inmate intake, releases, and inmate work crews in and out of the facility. Compose and processes reports. Communicate professionally with multiple Courts, District Attorney’s, law enforcement, inmates and the public.


In this criminal justice profession the applicant may be perform in stressful and dangerous situations, working rotating 12 hour shifts including nights, weekends, and holidays.  Training will provide the applicant, specialized knowledge in the area of criminal justice. Ensure policies, procedures, Oregon Revised Statues, and Oregon Jail Standards govern the operation of the facility are upheld. Applicant must be able to utilized independent professional judgment when conducting daily operations of the facility; giving direct orders to inmates to maintain the safety and security of the facility, staff, inmates, and the public. Be able to respond to emergencies in the facility and potentially in the community. Conduct inmate transportations for extradition, court proceedings, and medical appointments. Conduct investigations of suspicious activities, incidents or disturbances; prepare reports and respond to emergency medical needs as required.


  • Maintain the safety and security of the facility by supervising adult inmates placed under arrest for presentencing and sentenced inmates.  Controls access to facility; maintain key/equipment accountability and control; Maintain accountability and dispense prescribed medication; conduct security checks; conduct inmate counts; inventories materials and equipment; perform inmate body searches; conduct area searches; control contraband and inmate property; conduct perimeter checks; transport inmates outside facility; conduct emergency drills.
  • Manage inmates by supervising inmate movement; supervises program activities; maintains inmate discipline; reviews and adjusts classification/housing assignments of inmates; uses physical force and restraints.
  • Conduct inmate booking process by confirming arresting agency identification and obtaining appropriate charging documentation; search inmate, remove property, and complete property inventories; confiscates illegal property; seize evidence for arresting agency; completes required questioning; removes restraints and/or cell inmate; completes fingerprinting and photographing; determines pre-classification; determines release status; issues clothing, bedding and hygiene items.
  • Conduct inmate release process by establishing release validity; verify inmates’ identification; re-issues personal clothing and property; collect facility property; ensures proper completion of release agreement; collect security fees, and escort from facility.
  • Respond to emergency situations, major and minor disturbances; responds to escape, fire, hostage, or natural disaster.
  • Maintains jail standards by conducting hourly checks; maintain activity schedule; provides three meals daily; provides access to medical, dental and emergency mental health care; ensures due process; maintain proper housing classification of inmates; ensure requested access to legal system; provide laundry exchanges; ensures access for requested religion.
  • Maintain job performance standards by retaining and complying with policies and procedures of the sheriff’s office; write reports; read and enforce inmate rules; participate in training to maintain DPSST required standards.
  • Demonstrate reliable work attendance of duties in varying shifts and assignments; perform other related duties as necessary to carry out the objective of the position; Works under supervision of Corporal, Lieutenant/ Jail Commander, Sheriff.


Knowledge and Skills:  Knowledge of corrections practices in a correctional institution; knowledge of criminal law, Federal Statutes and Oregon Revised Statutes for jail operations, and the Oregon Jail Standards; knowledge of arrest, booking and release procedures. Skill in operating booking equipment (fingerprints/photographs); knowledge of use of force procedures and statutes; proficiency in firearms and defensive tactics; maintain valid CPR and First Aid.

Abilities: Requires the ability to carry out the full duties of the position.  Ability to exercise sound professional judgment, without biases.  Ability to operate computer equipment; ability to keep accurate records/files; ability to communicate and gain cooperation of the inmates; ability to manage difficult inmates with patience, firmness, and fairness; ability to use physical force when necessary; ability to respond quickly to emergencies; ability to communicate professionally with the public; ability to endure verbal abuse; ability to operate in emergency situations and stressful conditions; ability to communicate effectively, both verbally and in reports; ability to maintain professional working relationships with co-workers, outside agencies, and public, from diverse groups and backgrounds; ability to stand for long periods of time.

Minimum Qualifications:

Education and Training:  High school graduate or possess GED certificate of high school equivalency required by DPSST. 

Must be able to obtain certification as a corrections deputy by the Oregon Department of Public Standards and Training (DPSST) within one year of employment.

Must be able to obtain and maintain a valid Oregon Driver’s License; must have acceptable driving record.

Requires sufficient hand/eye coordination to operate a firearm and other corrections equipment and apparatus; visual acuity necessary for performing necessary functions of the job, ambulatory ability to walk or run to calls for assistance and crime scenes, and the ability to subdue a resistive or combative individual.  Requires speech and auditory abilities to carry on conversations and project voice among large crowds.

Special Requirements:

Age:  Must be at least 21 years of age.

Vision:  Not less than 20/20 in one or both eyes or corrected 20/20 in both eyes.

Physical Abilities:  Applicants must pass a medical exam and physical agility test.

Criminal Record:  Must be free of conviction of a crimes; other than some misdemeanors after four years and minor traffic violation. 

Applications can be obtained at the Harney County Sheriff’s Office at 485 N. Court in Burns, or here: Job Openings & Bid Opportunities | Harney County, Oregon (

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