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How To Contact Us:

Brooke Hatley, Director
450 N. Buena Vista #2
Burns, OR 97720
Phone: 541-573-2439
Cell: 541-589-0885
FAX: 541-573-8170
Email: brooke.hatley@harneycountyor.gov

Laura Ellibee, Probation Officer
Cell: 541-589-1382
Email: laura.ellibee@harneycountyor.gov


Juvenile Department

Juvenile Department Q & A

In order to assist parents, guardians, and families, the Juvenile Department has created the following list of frequently asked questions.

What happens after I, or my child, receives a citation?

  • Citation goes from the police to the District Attorney’s Office
  • District Attorney screens case and determines charging decision
  • If pursuing the case, referral comes to the Juvenile Department
  • Letter will be sent to the youth and parents with a date and time to appear at the Juvenile Department to make a plan

What happens if I am on Probation and I get a new citation?

  • Report immediately to Probation Officer

What is Informal Probation?

  • Informal probation is a diversionary process that allows a citation to be handled without proceeding through the formal court process.

    What is Formal Probation?

    • Formal probation occurs when the Juvenile Department receives a referral from the District Attorney, a petition is filed on the matter and the case goes through the formal court process.

    How can my child go through the Teen Court program?

    • The Teen Court program exists to provide a diversionary process for youthful offenders who commit low level crives such as MIP’s, speeding tickets, minor thefts, etc.  Referrals are received by the Juvenile Department from city Municipal Courts, the County Justice Court.

    Where can I complete my Community Service hours?

    • Follow this link to the Community Service List

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