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Hours: Monday – Friday 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m., closed from 12-1 p.m.

Phone:  (541) 573-6641

Fax: (541) 573-8387

E-mail: derrin.robinson@harneycountyor.gov

Location: 450 N Buena Vista

Harney County Clerk
450 N Buena Vista #14
Burns, OR 97720

Derrin “Dag” Robinson, County Clerk/Recorder    
450 N. Buena Vista #14
Burns, OR 97720
Phone: 541-573-6641
FAX: 541-573-8370

Tammera Attleberger
Deputy County Clerk
Accounts Payable/Records/Elections


Harney County Clerk-Probate Fees

Deliver all filings to the Harney County Clerk’s Office:

Derrin Robinson, County Clerk/Recorder
450 N. Buena Vista #14
Burns, OR 97720
Phone: 541-573-6641
Email: derrin.robinson@harneycountyor.gov

Harney County, as well as Malheur County, Grant County, Sherman County, Wheeler County and Gilliam County, continue to operate under the historical County Court form of Government, that being said, the Probate Jurisdiction lies in the County Courts of these Counties as per ORS 111.075.

Estate, and protective proceedings are complicated matters and you may find it helpful to consult an attorney. The County Clerk and /or Court staff is prohibited from providing you with legal advice, acting as your attorney or assisting you in preparation of paperwork. The County Clerk’s Office does not provide legal forms with the exception of the Affidavit of Simple Estate, and the yearly report form for guardians of adults and accountings.

You must decide if the estate qualifies as a small estate. If you have questions about handling an estate, you should contact an attorney. The Oregon State Bar Lawyer Referral Service can provide names of probate lawyers in your area. The number for the referral service is 1-800-452-7636.

Here is a link to the current Probate filing fees-Probate Filing Fees

A simple estate affidavit may be filed only if:

  1. The fair market value of the estate is $275,000 or less;
  2. Not more than $75,000 of the fair market value of the estate is attributable to personal property; and
  3. Not more than $200,000 of the fair market value of the estate is attributable to real property; and
  4. May not be filed until 30 days after the death.
  5. In determining fair market value under this section, the fair market value of the entire interest in the property included in the estate shall be used without reduction for liens or othe rdebts.
  6. Errors or omission in an affidavit filed may be corrected by filing an amended affidavit within four months after the filing of the affidavit.

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All Probate matters, causes and proceedings shall be filed with the County Clerk at 450 N Buena Vista, Burns, Oregon, 97720. For all other legal questions, contact an attorney.



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