Malheur Wildlife Refuge & Steens Mountain

Photo Courtesy of Debbie Raney

What’s Inside…

How To Contact Us:

Bryce Mertz, GIS Coordinator
360 N. Alvord
Burns, OR 97720
Phone: 541-573-8195
Cell: 541-505-2872
FAX: 541-573-8387

Brett Thomas, GIS/Building Program Tech
Phone:  541-413-3602

Maps & GIS

GIS Partnerships

The Harney County Geographic Information System (GIS) program offers a great service that provides many valuable applications. With a partnership the county is able to provide organizations with expertise in GIS technical support, mapping and analytical needs. A partnership provides a cost-effective, reliable alternative means to implementing or expanding your own GIS program.

What is GIS?

GIS is a computer-based system allowing creation, manipulation, and display of geographic information in an effective manner. With the use of GIS you can incorporate geographical features with tabular data. The display and modeling of geographic information is a powerful way to assess real-world problems, inform others and help convey your message.

Why GIS?

GIS technology has become a necessary tool for planning and decision-making involving geographic data. Working with GIS allows management and analysis of important geographic and natural resource information. GIS answers spatial questions such as “Where is…?”, “How far is…?”, and “What is the relationship of…?”. With the use of GIS you gain a better perspective of questions and answers, revealing hidden trends and distributions you couldn’t see before. GIS aids in prompt and efficient results.

Services Provided by Partnership

    1. General Job duties include: Our services include spatial and tabular data creation, collection and conversion, mapping, geographic data modeling and analysis. We can produce maps of land ownership, roads, allotments and pastures, classify habitat, soils, or water sources. The capabilities are endless. Our data availability is not limited to local county data but extends out to libraries of various agencies, locally and countrywide. Provided GIS support to all county departments. Collaborating with Federal, State, and Local Government agencies with projects, data and efforts.
    2. County Cartographer: Maintenance and updates of the County Tax Assessment Maps.
    3. Assignment of Rural Addresses: Responsibilities of assigning rural address numbers to new dwellings and maintaining the rural address database and assisting in a collaborative address database management.
    4. Emergency 9-1-1/ Master Street Address Guide (MSAG) Coordinator: Responsibilities of maintaining the Master Street Address Guide (MSAG) database and E911 mapping maintenance.
    5. ArcGIS Online: Creation of custom online interactive maps.
    6. Participation: in OEM, and ORMAP conferences, trainings and committees.
    7. GIS/GPS Assistance: Other duties may include providing GIS/GPS assistance and training.
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