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Maps & GIS

Tax Maps

The Oregon Department of Revenue (DOR) historically completed the Tax Map Maintenance in Harney County.  The Tax Maps were digitized to become the foundation of our County GIS Program from 1999-2001.  We now have a functional seamless Taxlot Polygon Layer, which is countywide.  Thus, we have a true land base GIS in place.

The Harney County Tax Maps have been maintained in-house since August of 2003, providing a much more user friendly atmosphere.  Working with the DOR, we have developed a Tax Map maintenance procedure using ArcMap. Here are the basic steps when the Tax Maps are maintained and what that means.

What causes a change in the Tax Maps?

      1. A land use permit application is applied for which would result in a Partition (land division), a  Property Line Adjustment, subdivision, etc.  These applications would require a change in the Tax Map lines and parcel sizes.
      2. The land use permit application is approved and findings are recorded with the applicable survey maps  in in the County Clerk’s office.
      3. The Assessor’s Office receives the recorded Findings and Decision or other legal documents and begins their process to update the Tax Map.  Thus, a request is submitted for the specific Tax Map to be updated with new line work.
      4. The GIS Department receives a packet of changes from the Assessors Office and the Tax Maps and Taxlot Polygon Layer is updated with the requested changes.
      5. A new Tax Map and Taxlot Polygon Layer files for the various Township/Range are published: a new PDF file is sent to the Oregon Department of Revenue, a new Taxlot Polygon Layer is sent to those entities that use this layer and finally all changes are recorded on paper as to what was done (i.e. Journal Voucher).

These changes are completed as needed when line work to existing parcels or the creation of parcels are approved.

Oregon Tax MapsORMAP-TAX MAP IMAGES has many great products.  One of these is the images for every township and range in the State.  Harney County is represented as well.  You can access and print these maps right from the ORMAP website.


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