Malheur Wildlife Refuge & Steens Mountain

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Bryce Mertz, GIS Coordinator
360 N. Alvord
Burns, OR 97720
Phone: 541-573-8195
Cell: 541-505-2872
FAX: 541-573-8387

Brett Thomas, GIS/Building Program Tech
Phone:  541-413-3602

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Oregon Hunt Maps

Hunt Unit Maps

What do the maps show?

The maps have the following data features: ODFW Hunt Unit boundaries, current land ownership, roads, streams, lakes, springs, points of interest, peaks, Latitude/Longitude Grid for GPS use, BLM management areas, County boundaries, contours and the shaded relief (topology).

We are currently supplying the ODFW Burns Field Office and ODFW Lakeview Field Office with these maps to sell to the general public.  You may stop at these offices to purchase the maps or contact our GIS office.  Good Luck!!

Follow this link to order maps using the GIS Hunt Map Order Form, order them in bulk using the Bulk Hunt Map Order Form, or purchase them below. There are two new Hunting units, Unit 38- GRIZZLY and Unit 52- STARKEY, for sale.

Oregon Hunt Unit Map SectionsThe Oregon Department Fish & Wildlife set boundaries provide the areas for the various hunt units (these maps were not created by ODFW).  These maps have great detail and  have everything you need to know when hunting in many areas of southeastern Oregon.

If you have questions contact the Harney County GIS Office at: or by phone at (541) 573-8195.  To order simply print and fill out the order form below and send a check or money order to the address listed, or purchase your maps online.

PLEASE NOTE: We have three new units available including: Northside, Desolation and Sumpter.

Not all of the Hunt Units are individually mapped.  Those shown in GREEN have individual maps available and are listed below for sale.  Those in TAN are not available on separate maps at this time.

Complete this Hunt Map Order Form if you do not want to purchase online using your credit card.  Retailers, if you are ordering in quantity, please contact our office at or 541-573-8195.

To purchase these maps online, just add them to your cart via the links in the map table below.

Below is an example of our Oregon Hunt Maps.
Or you can example of hunt unit maps available.

Example of GIS hunt unit map available.

To purchase a map via GovTeller (ConvenientPayments), just add them to your cart via the links in the map table below. Once on the payment screen, select the unit map you would like to order under the department tab. If you are doing an order involving multiple maps, select custom order under the department tab and then explain what maps you would like to order in the comments field. When entering the payment amount be sure that the total amount reflects the amount of maps ordered at $10 per map, and add shipping.  Shipping:  $5 for first map, $2 for each additional map.

(Unit Number, Unit Name)

Cost per Map
Index Map, Southeast Oregon $10.00 Gov-Teller
#32 Klamath Falls, Klamath $10.00 Gov-Teller
#33 Sprague, Klamath $10.00 Gov-Teller
#35, Paulina, Lake, Deschutes $10.00
#36 Maury, Crook, Deschutes $10.00 Gov-Teller
#37 Ochoco, Crook , Wheeler $10.00 Gov-Teller
#38 Grizzly, Crook , Wheeler $10.00 Gov-Teller
#46 Murderers Creek, Grant $10.00 Gov-Teller
#47 Northside, Grant $10.00 Gov-Teller
#50 Desolation, Baker $10.00 Gov-Teller
#51 Sumpter, Baker $10.00 Gov-Teller
#52 Starkey, Baker $10.00 Gov-Teller
#64 Lookout, Baker $10.00 Gov-Teller
#65 Beulah, Malheur, Grant, Baker $10.00 Gov-Teller
#66 Malheur River, Harney, Malheur $10.00 Gov-Teller
#67 Owyhee, Malheur $10.00 Gov-Teller
#68 Whitehorse, Harney, Malheur $10.00 Gov-Teller
#69 Steens Mountain, Harney $10.00 Gov-Teller
#70 Beatys Butte, Harney, Lake $10.00 Gov-Teller
#71 Juniper, Harney, Lake $10.00 Gov-Teller
#72 Silvies River, Harney $10.00 Gov-Teller
#73 N Wagontire, Harney & Lake, Deschutes $10.00 Gov-Teller
#73 S Wagontire,Lake $10.00 Gov-Teller
#74 Warner, Lake $10.00 Gov-Teller
#75 Interstate, Lake, Klamath $10.00 Gov-Teller
#76 Silver Lake, Lake, Klamath $10.00 Gov-Teller
#77 Fort Rock, Lake, Klamath $10.00 Gov-Teller

Follow this link to purchase these maps via Convenient Payments using your credit card.Gov-Teller

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